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Cottonil طقم دفاية حريمي قطن 3 قطع - إسود & بني & كحلي

Vega products contain over 50 different designs to satisfy all the needs of the modern woman‎.‎ Its comes in a variety of colors to meet all tastes‎.‎ Vega products are made from a mix of microfiber and lycra to give you maximum comfort throughout the day in and out of the house‎.‎ It is available in different colors to cater to all tastes‎.‎ Vega‎'‎s umbrella has many styles under it like‎,‎ tops‎,‎ bodies and underwear‎.‎
Delivery date: 3-5 days
ج.م.‏ 570.00
ج.م.‏ 399.00
المواصفات الأساسية
  • Top
  • No Neck
  • Full Sleeves
  • Cotton
  • Soft on the skin
  • Slip on
  • Classy
  • Attractive
  • Comfortable
  • Take body shape
  • colours may vary
  • In the interests of hygiene we do not offer returns or exchange for any of our underwear products